The psychology of waiting in line (or queuing if you're British)

The Psychology of waiting in line (queuing if you're British)

Waiting is frustrating! We look at the science behind waiting in a queue and how we can make it a more manageable and pleasing experience.

Waiting in line is something we manage rather than enjoy. Even with the most exciting prospects at the end of our waits, it’s not something we’re programmed to enjoy. Because of that, thousands of consumers and customers leave queues due to frustration and anxiety every year, costing businesses thousands in unrealized conversions and sales.

I think it was FedEx, way back when, who told us “Waiting is frustrating!”

How right they were. Unless you’ve managed to find a way to fill that gap or become far more mindful and meditational as part of your queuing process, then it really feels like we’re wasting our time, doing absolutely nothing.

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