What is a Virtual Waiting Room?

Do you struggle to handle high volumes of traffic on your website without risking crashes or blank pages for your visitors? A virtual waiting room is the solution. We offer the most accurate and secure virtual waiting room experience on the market. Our patented solution queues your visitors in a fair, first come, first served order, allowing you to handle peak traffic times and control traffic while maintaining complete control of its responsiveness. Plus, our system informs fans and visitors of their estimated wait time and progress through the queue, providing transparency, hope, reassurance and a stress-free customer experience.

With Queue-Fair's superior accuracy, you can handle more visitors per minute than any other provider, leading to shorter wait times, easier access for your community, and increased sales. Our virtual waiting room software service passes the exact number of visitors you need every minute, so you can focus on growing your business

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Why are Virtual Waiting Rooms used?

Websites, apps and web services are provisioned with a specific capacity threshold in mind, but when the number of simultaneous users exceeds the capacity threshold, pages become slow or fail to serve at all. All webservers have limits on the number of website visitors they can handle, and auto-scaling is often technically too challenging, expensive and cannot respond quickly enough to handle sudden spikes, or is not needed all year round.

That's where our virtual waiting rooms come in. By queuing excess website visitors and passing them back to your site in a steady, first come, first served order, our virtual waiting room helps maintain website responsiveness and avoid crashes during high demand periods. Try Queue-Fair today and see the difference for yourself.

Look no further than Queue-Fair's virtual waiting room. Our solution is the most secure and accurate on the market, allowing you to maintain optimal transaction rates without the risk of crashing your event, slow page load wait times, or frustrated fans and visitors.

Our system provides a fair access solution for everyone to access popular events or products by implementing a virtual queue that assigns a randomised queue number to users who arrive before the sale begins. This ensures that scalpers and touts can't gain an advantage by arriving early, and that your genuine fans are given the equal access they expect to buy tickets to your event or purchase product when the sale begins.

Even during unexpected traffic spikes, our virtual waiting room helps you manage traffic inflow and avoid losing visitors. By identifying high-traffic hotspots in your traffic patterns, you benefit from informed decisions about server scaling without losing visitors or incurring unnecessary costs.

Don't let website crashes or slow page load times tarnish your reputation. With Queue-Fair's virtual waiting room, your visitors will be able to see that they are being handled swiftly and fairly, with unrivalled responsiveness of your websites and apps. Our secure signature for all visitors ensures that customers can only purchase once per queue position, and that malicious bots are kept at bay.

Best of all, you can get started for free with unlimited capacity. Let Queue-Fair help you sell more effectively and provide a better experience for your visitors today.

Mountain peak at dawn our waiting room helps you sell all the seats for busy ticket register websites
Lady Justice fair access when your webservers don't have enough space without frustration and every visitor has an informed fair chance of being in the first half for your account events

When managing traffic during ticket sales or high-demand events, having a virtual waiting room process is crucial to provide your customers with a smooth and fair experience for your customers, especially when the sale begins. Rather than seeing blank pages or experiencing slow loading times, visitors will be queued fairly and orderly, allowing them to wait patiently for their turn to access your site, without the dreaded refresh-refresh-refresh that kills your servers.

Queue-Fair's virtual waiting room is not only effective, but also highly secure. With a unique and unsharable signature for each visitor, we can ensure that malicious bots or scalpers cannot bypass the queue and buy tickets multiple times, leaving more room for genuine fans. Additionally, we can only allow one purchase per customer by deleting queue positions after each completed order, so fans must queue up again if they want to purchase more tickets.

Our Join Token system also ensures that each customer only receives one queue position in the ticket virtual waiting room, regardless of how many browsers or devices they use, giving everyone a fair chance to access your event. With advanced filters to prevent bots and malicious users, Queue-Fair's virtual waiting room is the most secure and effective solution for handling high traffic during ticket sales and other high-demand events.

What are Virtual Waiting Rooms used for?

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How are Virtual Waiting Rooms used?

24 Hour Shielding

Queue-Fair's virtual waiting room provides 24-hour shielding for your website, app or web service. This means that it can handle both expected and unexpected traffic levels, as well as protect against malicious bots, all day, every day.

The system continuously monitors the traffic to your site. It automatically activates the virtual waiting room the moment the traffic exceeds the capacity threshold, ensuring that your visitors won't experience long wait times or server errors. Additionally, our system turns on the moment you need it, rather than waiting for several minutes of high traffic. This means that your visitors remain unaffected affected by sudden spikes in traffic and will always have a smooth and fair experience when accessing your site.

Hand holding back dominoes
Shining shield protection virtual waiting room solution answers need to shut out or screen out bots but allow allotted visitor transaction join while managing traffic inflow without costly server scaling

Focused Fair Defence

With Queue-Fair, you can add a virtual waiting room waiting room to your entire site or just to specific pages, such as your product, event, checkout or payment pages, to manage traffic flow and ensure a smooth user experience. This prevents bottlenecks and ensures that visitors to the rest of your site are not disrupted by heavy traffic, especially during peak times or your most popular events. Using Queue-Fair's focused fair defence, you can ensure that your site stays up and running, even during unexpected spikes in traffic - all with a single line of code!

Safety when you need it

Got a ticket sale or online event that's opening at a particular time? Expect heavy traffic at launch time! Queue-Fair provides a pre-sale page to hold visitors away from your site until the sale starts, ensuring that visitors aren't stuck refreshing their browser in anticipation of the event. Once the event opens, visitors are queued fairly and sent to your site in a perfectly steady stream at a speed you control. This ensures that your visitors have a smoother and fairer experience when purchasing tickets or accessing your site during peak traffic periods.

Hard hats audience demand waiting times shorter for your event deliver smooth ticket ticketing experience finally there's no catch with our virtual waiting room technology!

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