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Experience a Queue-Fair Virtual Waiting Room now.

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When traffic exceeds capacity opportunity is wasted.

Why are Virtual Waiting Rooms used?

Websites, apps and web services are provisioned with a specific capacity in mind. When the number of simultaneous users exceeds the capacity, pages become slow or fail to serve at all. All webservers have limits, and auto-scaling is often technically too challenging, expensive and cannot respond quickly enough to handle sudden spikes.

You may need a virtual waiting room to cope gracefully with an expected peak in traffic, such as when a new product or tickets go on sale.

You may also benefit from having a virtual waiting room in place for unexpected peaks, such as an influencer tweet. A virtual waiting room also helps you identify hotspots in your traffic patterns, so you will know when it's time for a more powerful server without having to lose visitors.

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Rather than see a blank page that generates complaints, or having to repeatedly hit refresh on their browsers or mobile phones, visitors to your site can see that they are being handled swiftly and fairly.

What are Virtual Waiting Rooms used for?

Stop your website falling over

How are Virtual Waiting Rooms used?

24 Hour Shielding

A virtual waiting room protects your website 24 hours a day against both expected and unexpected visitor demands. The virtual waiting room constantly monitors how busy your site is becoming and switches on and off automatically when needed.

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Focused Fair Defence

You can protect your whole site with a single line of code added to your pages, or focus your virtual waiting room on your checkout or payment bottleneck, allowing other visitors to continue to use the rest of your site without disruption from a saturated payment gateway.

Safety when you need it

Got a ticket sale or online event that's opening at a particular time? We provide a Pre-Sale page to hold visitors away from your site and then queue them fairly when the event opens - so your servers won't be troubled with refresh, refresh, refresh.

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