Why accuracy matters for a Virtual Waiting Room

Why accuracy matters for a Virtual Waiting Room

Find out why accuracy is key for stable server load, minimising visitor wait times and maximising your sales.

Without understanding how such complex queuing technology works, you'd be forgiven for thinking that monitoring how many people are using your website or app compared to how many you'd have to have to bring it all crashing down is child's play.

It would make our job so much easier if there were two big dials measuring the critical numbers and easing that door closed when the amount of customers wishing to go through them gets too many.

Sadly, it's far from easy, and that picture of our clever queue system's operation couldn't be further from the truth.

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Why perfect accuracy is a perfect challenge for Virtual Waiting Room providers

You might think it would be a simple thing - set the number of desired customers per minute, and then send through that number each minute - but there's a lot of complexity required from your Virtual Waiting Room provider to make it so.

When advancing the front of the virtual queue (letting people in to your website or mobile app), your Virtual Waiting Room has to accurately account for people who are not present looking at their queue page when their turn is called, and let the next person in line through without delay - otherwise it will send through too few people, and customers in the queue will be waiting too long, resulting in lost sales.

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Your queue management system also has to account with accuracy for people who go away from the queue and then come back after their turn has been called, and slow down the front of the queue when this happens - otherwise it will send through too many customers, resulting in your site or app crashing.

Some Virtual Waiting Rooms will even grind to a halt if people abandon in the queue, or fail to complete their transaction once they are through to your protected site - and then no-one gets through! The Queue-Fair process does not suffer from either of these flaws, we hasten to add. Or any flaws at all - just ask our customers! We're the highest rated Virtual Waiting Room on G2.

Because of its crucial importance to your bottom line, accuracy should be the number one factor you consider when choosing a Virtual Waiting Room.

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Only Queue-Fair has the perfect solution

Queue-Fair's clever Queue AI does this fully automatically for you with pretty much perfect accuracy, continually adjusting the speed of the front of the queue to give you the exact right number of customers every minute. It's the only way to do it right, and is by far the best in the business at giving you the exact number of people you want, each and every minute, and unlike other providers, won't ever let too many people through - and this is key to stable server load at the optimum rate for your ecommerce, NFT or ticketing systems (see the full math).

No other provider has got this quite right.

Sending people through at the right rate, each and every minute, minimises wait times for your customers. Shorter waits mean more people complete their transactions, maximising your sales.

Our clever Queue AI also ensures your customers are served in fair first-come, first-served order, the most efficient way of sending people through to your site, minimising the waits, which maximises sales.

Furthermore, because the load on your servers is so rock steady with Queue-Fair, it means you can safely have a higher Queue Rate with the Queue-Fair process than you can with other providers, without risking overloading your system because the queue sent more people than you wanted to accept. That means even shorter waits for your customers and even more successful sales. That's why accuracy matters so much.

And if on the day you find you can cope with a few more customers per minute, or need to reduce the number of visitors per minute for any reason, you can change the Queue Rate setting in the Portal any time, and again uniquely in the industry, our Queue AI responds instantly to your new requirement, the moment you make the change.

Accuracy matters for turning the queue on and off too

It's not just the flow rate that is perfectly accurate with Queue-Fair. Of similar importance is the accuracy with which your Virtual Waiting Room provider can respond to changes in traffic conditions on your website, app or services. Queue-Fair will switch on automatically and start showing queue pages if the threshold SafeGuard Rate is exceeded in any sixty second period, and unlike virtual queues from other providers, who require up to several minutes of high traffic for their system to wake up and actually start queuing people, Queue-Fair will turn on and start queueing people for you right away. It's just as quick to switch off when traffic eases and the queue empties too, so no-one is shown a Queue Page who doesn't need to see one, and you get more sales.

Why pay more for a shoddy knock-off when Queue-Fair's original patented solution has got you covered, with as many sales as your server can handle in a perfectly steady stream, delivered securely in fair first-in first-out order, and without dropping a single connection due to traffic surges.

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