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Looking for technical details? If your question is not answered on our developers page, then you can find out how Queue-Fair integrates with your website, and how Queue-Fair works under-the-hood with our comprehensive Technical Guide.

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Learn all about Queue-Fair with our Technical Guide

What's included

The Glossary explains all the technical terms; it's at the end but you might want to start there.

Key concepts like Queue Rate and SafeGuard Rate are presented, and we give specific example configurations to suit a variety of business needs.

The Server-Side and Client-Side Adapters are thoroughly explored, telling you everything you need to know to install Queue-Fair on your website or run an email campaign by Direct Link.

The technical processes of joining and leaving a Queue-Fair Virtual Waiting Room are comprehensively described too.

We think the Technical Guide covers everything you might ever need to know, but if you still have questions please tell us and we'll be happy to give you an answer.

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