Beating Sneaker Bots, Ticket Bots, Scalpers and Touts

Beating Sneaker Bots, Ticket Bots, Scalpers and Touts

It's a competitive world out there, and people are always trying to find ways to gain advantage. Here's how to protect your site with Queue-Fair when someone tries to cross the line.

As far as your busy onsales are concerned, you might think the more orders the better, but you might also have a problem with certain individuals buying more of your product than you consider fair use.

When a small number of people or bots snap up all the NFTs, sneakers or tickets you have for sale it can leave your other customers feeling left out, disappointed that they didn't get the chance to buy, and fears over ticket bots and scalpers can easily make the news.

For NFT drops in particular, it is important that you control the rate at which NFTs are purchased or minted - meaning one per customer at a fixed rate of customers - as otherwise gas fees on the underlying crypto network will rise if a single individual or multiple individuals attempt to make too many transactions in too short a time, which can result in hundreds of millions of dollars of wasted gas fees.

So how can you stop these people, who may use automatic software (bots) that emulate a browser, from buying all your stock?

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