How does a Virtual Waiting Room work?

A Virtual Waiting Room is a page that holds visitors away from a busy website, and feeds them back to the protected website at a rate it can handle while still maintaining responsiveness and performance. This means websites can handle unexpected or sudden peaks in traffic without website crashes, and without having to waste energy powering additional servers when things are not busy, so it's green tech too when implemented well.

Fair Virtual Waiting Rooms pass visitors back in First-Come, First-Served order. A good Virtual Waiting Room should also keep the visitor fully informed of their progress and remaining wait. There's nothing worse for your business than a crashed site.

It's easy as 1,2,3...

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    Enter Website

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    Queue Fairly

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    Complete Transaction

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What Queue-Fair offers you


High demand sales don't just damage your servers, they damage your reputation. Protect your customers' good will with a smooth branded journey.

Show your customers that fairness matters with our original first-in, first-out Virtual Waiting Room technology. Start experiencing the benefits of queue psychology, and find out what social proof can do for you.


Manage all aspects of the Virtual Waiting Room experience with our online admin platform, from anywhere at any time. Customise any aspect of the Virtual Waiting Room presentation with our intuitive tools.

Change your settings, messaging, analyse traffic in real time and develop insights for future online events and sales with our award-winning statistics suite.


Website crashing under the weight of bots or DoS attacks? Too many of tickets available on the secondary market due to touts?

Use our tools to sort the genuine customers from the chaff, or for added security use reCAPTCHA tech to check the humanity of customers, if you like. Tools to check that visitors have come through the Virtual Waiting Room are fitted as standard.

Manage any situation

Time-limited sales and one-off events

You've probably noticed the high traffic that happens at your site before your tickets even go on sale, as keen buyers rush to your website to be the first to buy. We help you cope with these kinds of peaks too by giving you a PreSale Page, with a nifty countdown clock.

Viewers on the PreSale page automatically go through to the queue when the sale opens, optionally with a random position so that all visitors who arrive before a queue opens are treated equitably and fairly.

If that sounds like what you want, then we also ensure that people who don't see the PreSale page because they arrive after the sale has opened are served on a first-come, first-served basis - but behind those who have seen the PreSale page and are online and ready to buy.

Whatever method you choose, our system targets the desired flow rate (users per minute) to your website or e-commerce platform, that you specify, when deciding who to put through. So long as there are buyers online, you'll never find yourself waiting for customers to arrive.

Clock with dominoes
Safety net

Seasonal Peaks and Unexpected Surges

Queue-Fair only queues visitors to your website in a Virtual Waiting Room when needed, in order to prevent the flow rate exceeding the limit you specify. You can easily install the Queue-Fair Adapter on every page of your website to defend against sudden spikes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365.25 days a year.

Queue-Fair gives you peace of mind that your website will not crash under high demand. The Adapter is always watching for increase in rates of demand and traffic levels, and automatically sends people to queue in the Virtual Waiting Room when it gets to be above the level you have specified.

We can also ensure that every user gets back from the Virtual Waiting Room to wherever he or she is expecting to go - you don't need to set up a separate queue for every page when just one Virtual Waiting Room for your whole site will do.

Customers use our Virtual Queue technology for

Queue-Fair gives you peace of mind

Focused protection for your bottlenecks

Not all web pages are created equal. Your web server can serve basic 'flat' content most easily. It has a harder job serving up database content like product pages or personalised content like shopping carts, but the trickiest job of all is handling the checkout and payment process - and if you have too many people trying to do this at the same time, that results in a crashed site. While of course you can use an easy simple single Queue-Fair Virtual Waiting Room to protect all these steps in your process, many websites prefer to focus on the final bottleneck at the end.

We can even take information regarding product choices from your systems as you pass your users into the Virtual Waiting Room, and pass it back to you as they come back - it's easy.

Not sure what's right for you? Ask us for a performance review of your website and we'll be happy to nail down any unknowns you may have.

Bottle Necks
Brand with Lightbulb

Show a smoothly branded experience

There's nothing more damaging to your brand than a crashed site or error message or - even worse - Refresh, Refresh, Refresh when people are trying to buy. Queue-Fair allows you complete control over your Virtual Waiting Room. You can even let people in one at a time if you want.

We'll provide you with example text that you can edit however you like, and also control colours, imaging and backgrounds - all without sacrificing performance in any way.

While your users are in the Virtual Waiting Room this is also a marketing opportunity for you; you can even push live messages if you like. Increase customer faith and satisfaction in your brand with Queue-Fair, rather than damage your reputation with a website crash.

Queue across phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and even your call centre.

Our Virtual Waiting Room works brilliantly on all screen formats. Want a text sent to your users when they reach the front of the queue? No problem! Want callers to your phone line to have their place saved online? We can even do that too.

Your visitors have the comfort of knowing their place in the queue has been saved no matter what device they are using, and even if they switch devices while in the Virtual Waiting Room. If the wait is going to be long why not tell them to relax, have a cup of tea and come back when they are ready to be served; no-one loses their place in a Queue-Fair queue.

Dynamic tools for custom pages

Automatic Tools for Dynamic Queue Pages

Run an event website and don't want the hassle of creating a new queue for every new event? No problem! Queue-Fair can protect your whole site and all the events you run with a global queue, and automatically brand and style the Queue Pages your visitors see on-the-fly for each of your separate events - without you having to lift a finger, or even use an API. Change the wording, style, content, images or any other aspect of your Queue Pages to match the specific event or page on your website that each individual visitor wants to reach. It's completely automatic! Each visitor sees a page that is tailored to the event they were trying to access when they were sent to queue - or even provide each visitor with individual content that's personalised to them - it's all up to you!

Our unique dynamic system is effortless, automatic and you don't even need to login to the Portal when you create a new event - just add your event to your site as you would normally do. Contact us to find out more about this unique hassle-eliminating, time-saving feature, only from Queue-Fair.

Check out Virtual Waiting Room branding options now.

Entertaining Live Demo

What about the tech?

Queue-Fair does not operate as a DNS or reverse proxy. Rather, think of it as a page from us inserted between two pages from you. We have the most flexible implementation in the business and are happy to customise for you - our entire product suite is the result of many years of such interactions.

Whether you are protecting a whole site or a single page, Queue-Fair has the solution that is right for you.

Three Pages

You can send visitors into a Queue-Fair Virtual Waiting Room with a direct link, or with client-side javascript (which many customers find the simplest way) or with server-side code.

We have pre-written adapters for every major web programming language and app development platform, but if you find your tech isn't listed just ask and we'll make one for you.

We are also happy to do remote installations for you if you like, as part of your Free Trial.

Unlike some providers who use queue servers that are not under their direct control, we use dedicated queue VMs with a High Availability Active/Active architecture - so traffic for your account is distributed across several live machines. Virtual machines in our core database clusters are also Active/Active Master/Master replicated. This means we can perform maintenance on any machine in our solution without dropping a single request or record, including our database machines. Our patented method also means machines in our database clusters are never under load no matter how busy your queue may get. We don't believe any other Virtual Waiting Room provider can say the same.

Our maximally efficient patented queue process means we can queue millions of people at the same time on each Queue Server in each Queue Server Cluster, and it's all protected by an ultra-high-availability world-wide distributed Google Cloud Load Balancer with Google Cloud Armour.


Queue pages, assets, settings and scripts - the browser files that make up your queue page display and integrate with your web pages - are served by Google CDN - fast, reliable and speedy from Google's Edge Network anywhere in the world. We've chosen a CDN method that does not require auto-scaling - it's unlimited hits all the time - so we instantly respond to massive increases in hits per minute. We tested this ourselves with an industry-standard load testing tool and couldn't so much as dent the performance even with millions of requests per minute and zero ramp-up time. If you would like to run your own load tests, let us know, and we'll set you up with a Free Trial.

Google CDN Static File Hosting

All display assets are distributed worldwide within 30 seconds of being added in the Portal, so static content for your pages, your queue page layouts and queue settings for integration are always fresh and delivered instantly. It's all easily managed with the drag-and-drop File Manager in the Queue-Fair Portal, which handles CDN deployment for you automatically, securely and effortlessly.

With close to two decades in the business, we are also used to servicing the more stringent uptime and networking requirements of voice solutions, which are much higher than the standard normally required of websites and SaaS solutions.

Want to know how Queue-Fair works?

The Queue-Fair Portal

Full Control at Your Fingertips

The Queue-Fair Portal Dashboard
Install Queue-Fair on your whole site by adding a single line of Adapter code to your website pages, or install a Server-Side Adapter on your website, or a Network-Edge Adapter at your CDN or cloud provider for the most secure queues in the business.

Once that's done, it's fire-and-forget technology - new queues are added, existing queues are reconfigured and Queue Pages are fully customised with our easy-to-use Queue-Fair Portal. There's a wealth of historical and real-time Queue statistics too.

Uniquely within the industry, we give you full access to the HTML code for the Page that is shown to your queued visitors, so you can make your pages look however you want, and say whatever you want them to say. You also get a hosted filespace for images and supporting files used by your Queue Pages, so people in the queue are never placing load on any of your servers, all managed online through the Portal with our handy File Manager.

Want to keep things simple? Each new Queue Page starts with our default HTML, which contains a logo, a favicon and our default queue text - or you can Clone any page that you have already created. You can get going quickly by simply replacing these assets with your own branded assets, and hey presto! It's your logo that's shown. Next set the colours for your Queue Page to match your site where indicated in the Portal Page Editor. Finally, and optionally, you can edit the page text to say whatever you want it to say; it's a snap! It's so easy and quick to do that we are also happy to do this for you as part of your Free Trial.

Three Pages

Use the Queue-Fair Portal to easily manage the Activation Rules that determine which pages on your site may present a Queue when things get busy - once the Adapter is added to your pages or webserver, you don't need to modify your code when your business needs change.

Running the same site with different brands, or need to queue in multiple languages? No problem - just add a Queue Page Variant and your visitors will see different visual treatments for the same queue.

Website falling over? Put a stop to that now!