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When public sector bodies run registrations, enrollment or applications, public interest can be high. Online traffic surges can overwhelm infrastructure systems that are designed to cope with day to day traffic levels. Even if your site is coping, surges in requests can still pose a problem for your staff - who will be swamped with emails and calls if your website - or your administrators - are unable to respond in a timely manner. Downtime and slow response times damage your body's reputation and harm your relationship with the public. Queue-Fair keeps your website or mobile app running at optimal efficiency even under massive or unexpected demand, keeping your users happy and letting you focus on service delivery.

Your systems keep running no matter the demand

Queue-Fair offers the most accurate Queue AI on the market. We'll send you the exact number of visitors you want every minute while there is a queue, until the queue empties and turns off automatically. Rock-steady delivery of visitors means rock steady load on your systems and back-office processess. You keep your system and administrative bottlenecks from grinding to a halt and provide service to the public at the optimal rate 24/7.

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Queue-Fair keeps your systems running so you keep serving the public

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Focused protection where and when you need it

You can choose whether to protect your whole institution site and app, specific pages, or the transaction bottlenecks within your online or mobile services. Queue-Fair offers a superior visitor experience, with members of the public fully informed of their progress through the queue, their wait time, and a unique synchronized ticking People Ahead Counter, so your users can always see both that the queue is moving, and also that it's moving fairly when they compare notes - which they will. It's both fair and transparent for people using your services.

Meet your compliance, fairness and equality commitments

Our intuitive reporting tools provide the analytics you need to assess the impact of campaigns and service launches, taking the guesswork out of staffing for your back-office processes, and allowing you to predict future demand, so you can schedule your staffing rotas in advance in accordance with your target commitments.

Our transparent fair system is simple to understand and accessible, with fully WCAG 2.1 compliant Queue Pages.

By using the Queue-Fair patented process direct from the original inventor - who is proud to be a member of a protected minority group - your public sector body demonstrates commitment to supporting innovation, equality of opportunity, the work of government intellectual property institutions and upholding the rule of law.

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Deliver a public service of which everyone can be proud

  • Avoid negative headlines or tweets about crashed government services
  • Service users have their queue place saved automatically, and can switch languages or visit other websites without losing their place
  • When your users know how long they will be waiting, it frees them to do other activity and eliminates anxiety
  • Our transparent fair system is simple to understand and accessible, with fully WCAG 2.1 compliant Queue Pages
  • Users of your service are processed in fair, first-come first-served order, supporting your organisation's fairness commitments
  • For registrations that start at a particular time, early-comers can be given a random queue position, giving everyone the same chance of being at the front of the queue
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Queue-Fair delivers fair & secure online queue technology on which you can rely

  • Our maximally efficient patented process means that even our most basic deployments can easily cope with queues millions deep even if they all arrive in seconds.
  • Created by privacy campaigners, Queue-Fair is fully GDPR and PCI DSS compliant - even though we never handle credit card information
  • The conversation between your users' browsers and your site remains private and encrypted - we have no access to it, and we do not gather personally identifying information
  • Your Queue Server Cluster can be in the United States, the European Union or the UK - it's your choice. Other locations around the world are also available should you have a particular geographic or regulatory requirement

Queue-Fair's High Availability Active / Active architecture with Master / Master database replication at Google's ultra-reliable ISO27001-compliant data centres avoids any single point of failure, and means you can be confident Queue-Fair will always be there for you 24/7.

Queue-Fair is easy to integrate with just a single line of code added to your pages that avoids creating a dependency on our systems, and you can fully integrate and test the system with a free trial account too.

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