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An effective means of regulating online traffic and ensuring fair treatment of website visitors is through the use of an online queue system, also known as a virtual waiting room or virtual queue system.

Are you wondering if online queue management is the ideal solution for your needs? Find out how an Online Queue from Queue-Fair means confidence and security for your busiest days.

What comprises an online queue system?

An online queue system effectively manages the influx of visitors to websites and apps by diverting them to an online queue automatically when things get busy. By overseeing the flow of web traffic, this system safeguards against potential failures throughout the entire customer journey, ensuring continuous availability of your site or app, irrespective of demand. The use of an online queuing system allows your organisation to maintain online functionality, keep visitors informed, and capture essential sales and online activities during crucial peak business periods.

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What is the functioning mechanism of online queues?

Utilizing a online queue system, when the number of online visitors surpasses your website's capacity, they are redirected to a customizable online queue. Subsequently, they are gradually reintroduced to your website or app in a regulated, first-come, first-served sequence.

Establishing a first-in, first-out order for channeling visitors to your website or mobile app ensures a just and transparent online queuing process for each individual. While in the virtual queue, you can keep visitors informed about their position in line, the expected waiting duration, projected arrival time on the website, and provide real-time messages.

What are the advantages of employing an online queue management system?

Your website or app may face overwhelming unexpected online traffic, with 95% of organisations struggling with unexpected outages (Source: Veeam), and overload (demand exceeding capacity) being at the top of the list of reasons for unexpected downtime (Source: Google). Furthermore, the average outage lasts almost two hours (117 minutes, to be precise), and according to Accenture, a single hour of downtime costs enterprises over $100,000.

A massive wave being blocked by a sea wall at a Cornish village.  Our system prevents your website crashing from waves of traffic surges.

Demand outstripping supply is the top reason cited by Google for unexpected outages.  Prevent your site from crashing and handle traffic peaks and traffic surges gracefully with Queue-Fair.

Utilizing online queuing ensures your online presence remains intact, irrespective of the level of demand.

During major sales events, the cost of website failure is significant, making it crucial to handle them effectively. Virtual queue management provides the necessary control over surges in online traffic that could otherwise lead to site crashes. By employing a first-in, first-out online queue system, your website maintains optimal performance during critical moments, ensuring a seamless experience for visitors.

You establish fairness in the online environment.

With online queue management system software, you can guarantee a positive customer experience, upholding your brand image. Customers gain access to your website in a fair, first in first out order. If you're seeking bot and abuse protection, online queues serve as a crucial tool, featuring built-in bot filters that counteract the speed and volume advantage of malicious bots. This ensures that your products or tickets reach genuine customers and fans.

Don't drop the baton when it comes to online fairness.

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You offer a customer journey that is seamless and hassle-free.

Virtual queuing systems allow you to tailor your visitors' visual experience by seamlessly incorporating your brand's identity into the queue page. Through your customizable queue page, you can showcase upcoming sales, recommend additional products or experiences, and integrate engaging videos or games, providing your audience with a captivating experience while they wait to access your website. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey for your customers, extending from the queue to the checkout phase.

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In what situations can you employ an online queue system?

An online queue system is applicable in a range of situations, such as:

  • High-demand online ticket sales
  • E-commerce transactions for goods
  • Launches and releases of new products
  • Mobile phone sales events
  • Influencer and email marketing campaigns
  • Occasions like Black Friday during shopping holidays
  • University admissions processes
  • Government application procedures

The online queue system effectively handles varying scenarios with increased demand, providing a controlled and organized approach to user access.

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What advantages does an online queue system bring to businesses?

A floating emerald padlock.  Queue-Fair wins securing more sales and providing for the security of busy onsales themselves, protecting your site from bots, scalpers, touts and bad actors.

Secure sales that would be lost during periods of downtime.

The opportunity cost of website crashes, resulting in lost sales, can be substantial. Experiencing the consequences of your own success turning into a setback can be disheartening, especially after extensive planning for a sale. A website crash that prevents visitors from shopping is significantly more detrimental than having a queued website where visitors make purchases - and our retail customers tell us that people who see a Queue Page end up ordering 20% more. Virtual queue management solutions play a crucial role in keeping your site online, ensuring that every sale is captured, even during high-demand periods.

Safeguard the reputation of your brand.

When visitors experience inadequate website performance, they are unlikely to return for future purchases. Delivering a sub-par online experience can lead to a long-term loss of customers, particularly detrimental for businesses operating on a subscription model. In situations where visitor traffic prompts the display of a queue, a virtual queue system leverages queue psychology to maintain customer engagement and provide a positive experience. Through real-time communication, displayed wait times, email notifications, customizable queue pages, and a first-in-first-out process, you offer customers a clear, engaging, finite, and fair waiting experience. This approach helps retain customer satisfaction and loyalty, even when your system is really busy.

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Enhance conversion rates for customers who undergo a waiting period.

It's important to consider the alternative to using an online queue: a website crash where nobody can access it. Customers who wait are more likely to purchase once they reach the front of the queue and are passed back to your site, boosting your conversion rates. Web queue systems also convey the popularity of a product to visitors, and social proof is good for feelings of value. Providing them with a queue position and other wait information indicates the perceived value of the awaited product to others, increasing its desirability and creating more sales.

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