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Educational institutions can face a wide range of traffic surge problems associated with course registration and enrollment, admission or course applications, housing and popular events. If you have lots of students or public interest you can face online traffic surges that flood your IT infrastructure, which are only designed to cope with normal day-to-day traffic.

Even if your site stays up, surges in requests can still pose a problem for your staff - who will be swamped with emails and calls if your website - or your administrators - are unable to respond in a timely manner. Downtime and slow response times damage your institution's reputation and harm the relationship with your students too.

Your systems stay online

You may just have one busy day a year for registrations, and it doesn't make financial sense to scale your system or staff team just for one day. A Virtual Waiting Room eliminates this need, and our easy integration means we can protect your online systems in less than a day.

Our patented first-come, first-served process gives your students a fair and convenient way to submit their registrations, and helps eliminate complaints and negative tweets. Students can go away and come back later without losing their place in the queue, and unlike other online queue offerings, no-one will miss their turn with a Queue-Fair queue.

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Queue-Fair gives you control over the rate at which you process requests

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A transparent and fair first-in, first-out virtual waiting room for college, univeristy, shool or museum students makes for a happy educational instititution online experience.

Focused protection where you need it most

You can choose whether to protect your whole university site, specific course pages, or the transaction bottlenecks within your registration or enrollment flow. Queue-Fair offers a superior visitor experience, with students using your web page or mobile system fully informed of their progress through the queue, their wait time, and a unique synchronized ticking People Ahead Counter, so your students can always see both that the queue is moving, and also that it's moving fairly when they compare notes - which they will. It's both fair and transparent for your sudents.

Our engaging display protects your site - and with the most accurate Queue AI on the market, you'll get the exact number of students you want each and every minute. Accuracy matters - sending the right number through each minute means that your server load is rock steady and consistent, meaning you can process more applications per minute without risking overload, resulting in shorter waits for your students.

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How a Virtual Waiting Room helps education establishments

  • Even when a page on your site becomes busier than expected, your site won't crash
  • Keep students informed with our fair and transparent patented process
  • Take requests at a speed that your staff can handle, as well as your site
  • Process student requests in fair first-come, first-served order
  • People can go away and come back without losing their place
  • Full visibility of your traffic peaks in our reporting tool
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