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Stop Your Website Falling Over.

Manage traffic peaks. Avoid website crashes from high demand. Treat your visitors with unrivalled fairness.

Queue-Fair is the original virtual waiting room for busy websites. When your site has more visitors than it can handle gracefully, the excess visitors are automatically sent away from your webservers to a branded online queue that we supply. Visitors are sent back to your site in first-come, first-served order at a rate that you control. This means that visitors to your site always get the responsive experience that they are looking for, even when you are really busy.

Virtual Waiting Room Branded View

High traffic street

Can traffic peaks cause problems for your website?

Even the world's biggest companies get overwhelmed by peaks in demand, particularly sudden peaks. Systems architects make decisions based on expected demand and usual traffic rates. It is usually not possible to scale the tech serving your site on demand. All webservers have limits.

Keep selling, regardless how busy your site gets!

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Customisably fit
Queue-Fair into your system

Adapters in every major web server language, or add Queue-Fair to your site with Javascript - just add one line to your page.

The original Virtual Waiting Room

Happy users served by our fair queue technology
Our queue solutions used around the world
The first Virtual Waiting Room on the market

Glade Festival

"Your software meant that everyone was held in a queue away from our server and allowed a gentle flow of buyers to pass through the system. It was great! Any online store which has a rush of customers would find this really useful.
Thanks a million and keep up the good work!

Ans Guise, Glade Festival

The power to regulate your traffic surges.

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Queue Enlightenment

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How do virtual waiting rooms actually work?

A deep dive into how virtual waiting rooms and queue management systems work to prevent system overloads and crashes; keeping your website running smoothly through peak traffic times and unexpected visitor surges.

The difference between a virtual waiting room and a virtual queue management system

What’s the difference between a virtual waiting room and a virtual queue management system? They appear to be interchangeable but are very different. We delve into the differences.

The psychology of waiting in line (or queuing if you’re British)

Waiting is frustrating! We look at the science behind waiting in a queue and how we can make it a more manageable and pleasing experience.

Why use a rate-based virtual waiting room?

Traditionally servers are provisioned to support a maximum number of concurrent users, and load is often defined this way. There is a problem with using this approach to run a queue for a website - a problem we solve with rates.