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Stop Your Website Crashing

Manage traffic peaks. Avoid website crashes from high demand.
Treat your visitors with unrivalled fairness.

Queue-Fair is the original patented virtual waiting room for busy websites. When your site has more visitors than it can handle gracefully, the excess visitors are automatically sent away from your webservers to a branded online queue - it then sends visitors back to your site in first-come, first-served order at the rate that you desire.

By using the world's most accurate, highest quality, most powerful and best value Virtual Waiting Room platform, you ensure that your site can keep selling at its optimum transaction rate. Your site visitors and app users always get the responsive experience they require, even when you are really busy. They won't see a crashed site.

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our queue solutions

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High traffic street

Can traffic peaks cause problems for your website?

Even the world's biggest companies get overwhelmed by peaks in demand, particularly sudden peaks. Systems architects make decisions based on expected demand and usual traffic rates. It is usually not possible to scale the tech serving your site on demand to prevent a website crash. All webservers have limits, and when they are exceeded, your visitors experience a crashed site.

  • 86%  of enterprises report downtime costs of > $300,000 per hour
    (Source: Statista)
  • 53%  of mobile website visitors will leave a page if they don't see a response within just 3 seconds
    (Source: Google)
  • Over 3 Hours 
    the average duration of a downtime or crashed site incident
    (Source: IT Process Institute)

Keep selling, regardless how busy your site gets!

Customisably fit Queue-Fair into your system

Adapters in every major web server language, or add Queue-Fair to your site with JavaScript with one line of code on your page - or no lines at all with Google Tag Manager.

You can also run Queue-Fair at the Network-edge, running on your CDN or Cloud Services provider before requests reach your origin server.

Adapters available for your busy iOS, Android and React Native apps too.

The original Virtual Waiting Room

Buy direct from the people who invented it.

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