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Beware imitations! Queue-Fair is protected by fully granted patents in the UK and worldwide.
The only company in the world licenced to provide fair online virtual waiting room technology by the original inventor.

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Can traffic peaks cause problems for your website?

Even the world's biggest companies get overwhelmed by peaks in demand, particularly sudden peaks. Systems architects make decisions based on expected demand and usual traffic rates. It is usually not possible to scale the tech serving your site on demand. All webservers have limits.

Master sudden website traffic surges

Keep selling, regardless how busy your site gets!

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Queue-Fair into your system

Adapters in every major web server language, or add Queue-Fair to your site with Javascript - just add one line to your page.

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The first virtual waiting room on the market

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Glade Festival

"Your software meant that everyone was held in a queue away from our server and allowed a gentle flow of buyers to pass through the system. It was great! Any online store which has a rush of customers would find this really useful.
Thanks a million and keep up the good work!

Ans Guise, Glade Festival

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