Why bigger is not always better - Virtual waiting room and online queue

Why bigger is not always better from an online queue SaaS

Can you afford the financial losses and poor customer experience brought about by server outages and downtime?

Imagine the horror you’d face if, one Monday morning, you turned up to unlock your high street store and someone had glued all of your locks together. Without your usual open door to greet your customers and the sign flipped to ‘open’, they would all stroll by, rightly disgruntled, heading elsewhere to spend their money.

That’s pretty much what happened at not one but two major CDN operators within the last few months. Even if you’ve never heard of a CDN operator before, outages with them take down some of the biggest Internet websites you have.

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Keeping hold of your customers and protecting your income

A Queue-Fair virtual waiting room offers precisely that protection.

When the Internet suffers any sort of outage (and that could be a supplier’s servers or your own), then your customers are redirected into a virtual queue - a holding page where you can keep them all informed of what’s going on in the virtual waiting room, when things will return to normal, and that they’ll be fed back into the site they planned on visiting fairly and squarely.

You’ll keep far more of your customers than if you just let them drift off, confused and uneducated, into cyberspace, limiting how much of your income you’d be set to lose.

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Big enough to cope, small enough to care

We’re all in when it comes to opting for best-bet options, especially if that’s where the value is, yet sometimes heading for the biggest of businesses isn’t always the way to go.

In our experience, we’ve found that it’s the smaller operations that deliver the most personal and effective service. Their staff know your business, your systems, so tend to be far more efficient when making upgrades, managing new ideas, and dealing with your people.

We don’t employ hundreds of people; we don’t need to. Any business like ours that does, we’d love to know what they do all day long, and we’d worry what the customer is getting for their money. All those extra wages are ultimately going to bump up the price of the online queue SaaS product, after all.

Strength in our systems

Our frameworks are as strong as anyone’s. We don’t use CDNs provided by either of the major providers that have recently gone down, we use Google’s, and even if Google’s servers suffered such a breakdown, we’re uniquely positioned to redirect and queue our domains away from them and towards our core servers. That's how to manage customer queues smartly with a robust queue management system to address your business challenges and improve customer satisfaction.

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Also, one of the biggest strains on your servers after an outage is when they re-initialise - and you might not have much business intelligence on this so watch out. Not only have they got to manage all the number-crunching involved in re-starting their systems, but they’re also under huge additional loads managing the backed-up requests of your customers. After an outage, there are far more waiting in the wings than normal, all eager to access your services, and your servers are already under the strain of re-connecting your databases and filling their caches.

With a Queue-Fair waiting room in place, all of that strain is taken away, and your customers safely wait in our virtual waiting room until they are fed back into your pages at a rate they are designed to manage. We don't just show average wait times - we show the wait time for each specific visitor, allowing customers to keep informed and raising customer satisfaction throughout the customer journey.

Furthermore, our virtual waiting room is the most accurate in the business, delivering the exact right number of people to your website every minute. Because it's so accurate, your server load is more steady and you can handle a higher outflow than with other providers. That increased operational efficiency in the visitor flow means you decrease wait times in your customer queues, whilst ensuring online fairness. When each visitors waiting time is shorter there are more sales.

It’s by being a specialised operation that allows us to keep your service strategy covered at all times withour queue management system.

Is bigger better, or just bigger?

Our final point is how many of those seemingly bigger businesses are only bigger because of the way they’ve been funded.

Many SaaS (software as a service) startups need an injection of funds to get up and running. Enter the venture capitalists with their whopping pot of funds. With a big chunk of VC investment, these new businesses can create vast teams of specialists and house them in the most impressive office spaces—all before they’ve made a penny. They need to look like a big business to attract other big businesses, after all; that’s how the system works, so that’s where the money goes.

The more the VCs invest, the better their return, and the more the SaaS startup spends, the more expensive the product has to be to cover its repayments.

Sometimes bigger is just bigger, not better.

Competent, compact, and commercially aware

Queue-Fair still operates under its original inventor. 100%. No investors, no unnecessary additional staff, and no nonsense - and when we collect customer feedback, we're consistently consistently rated the best on G2. We’re a sensibly sized, supportive team that knows its customers and is always on hand and ready to help - we handle customer queues smartly with our best-in-class queue management system, and so can you.

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