Virtual waiting rooms and online queuing for queue ticketing

Virtual waiting rooms and online queuing for ticketing websites

Easing of lockdowns will open up pent-up demand for ticketing, making it even more vital to have a queue ticketing virtual waiting room solution. Here's how to get it right.

Landing on a website and immediately feeling disappointed or confused isn't something any online vendor wants for their visitors.

Whether they face an error message, a frozen screen, or other glaring sign that the site has crashed, it's such a huge disappointment for the event or gig-hungry customer. If that wasn't bad enough, it could be financially crippling for so many of the businesses running these sites, those incapable of managing sudden surges of traffic and failing to assign tickets to those customers ready and willing to buy them. Time for a ticket queue management system!

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Can't cloud technology expand its platform when queue surges hit its servers?

One of the questions we're often asked is: if cloud technology is clever enough to read the volume of traffic and expand with it, why should we bother with an online queuing system at all?

Sadly, for the time being, cloud-based scaling isn't an immediate process. It takes a few minutes for the additional server capacity to be activated and prepared in order to be effective. During that time, it's highly likely that your traffic surge will have done its damage and shut your site down, leaving you unable to deliver success.

self service ticket status in the ticket queue

It's a great option to manage a higher rate of traffic and sales, but we'd still suggest that a ticketing queue system is in place to protect you from disaster during those few minutes of vulnerability.

How does the fan feel when faced with a ticketing queue system for concert and event tickets?

How does our existing list of feelings and emotions look when our fans face a virtual queue instead of direct access to their purchase?

There's far less excitement in there and way more anxiety. So how can the sellers go about delivering a better customer experience when they arrive?

retail stores manage queues like ticket queue or queue tickets

Tips to make the queuing experience easier for concert lovers and festival-goers

Here's how to make the best of the situation and to help buyers through the ticketing queue management process with the best experience possible.

It's all boils down to fairness and communication.

The main capability takeaway here is continual feedback. Knowledge is power, as they say.

By keeping your visitors and buyers informed, much of the anxiety about ticket queues is relieved. However, the concern as to whether or not they'll land the tickets they want is still flowing through their veins.

How do you deal with that? To answer that, here's a list of common elements that play their part in those worries abut ticket status. Once you understand them, you can introduce ways to counteract them, bringing peace and harmony to your visitors (well, a little at least), garnering love and respect for your brand. And why is that so important? Repeat sales, customer experience and loyalty, and returning revenue; that's why.

  1. Occupied time (active waiting) feels shorter than unoccupied time (passive waiting).
  2. Anxiety makes waiting times feel longer.
  3. An unknown waiting period feels longer than an estimated, expected duration.
  4. Unexplained waiting processes feel longer and are more stress-inducing than explained and accepted reasons.
  5. Unfair ticketing queues add to anger and frustration. Fair queuing systems that assign tickets fairly result in more peaceful queuing with greater efficiency.

Creating a distraction to instigate an active waiting period

As we touched on, waiting times feel shorter when we're occupied. So keep your visitors busy, wherever you can.

Active waiting time vs passive waiting time is one of the key ways to fend off your visitors' stresses, so here are a few ways you can keep them distracted.

diverse set of wait times in customer flow for ticket queue

1. Can you keep them busy with quizzes and surveys?

There doesn't have to be a real reason to gather information, but let's say your visitor is buying tickets for a Little Mix show or a play in the West End. While they're nudging their way forward through the online queue and the total waiting time is ticking down, will they even notice if they're clicking through ‘Are you Little Mix's number one fan?’ or ‘How much do you know about the West End theatre trail?’

You could use an integrated survey to gather useful data. What are the things you'd love to determine about your customer experience and how they shop, what they'd love to see on your site or ticket queues, and even find out what would make their waiting and shopping experiences better for each person? It might only take them a few minutes to note their answers, but that could be enough to get them to the front of shorter virtual queues and to the checkout, appeasing their anxieties completely.

ticket queue upsell retail customer flow with automated online appointment

2. Could you upsell other events, concerts, and experiences?

It's also a great opportunity to upsell your service or provide other benefits. While you've got their undivided attention in real time, why not show them all the other events and activities you've got on offer? Extra sales are up for grabs, so you'd be remiss not to try — especially given that the distraction to your customers is buying them a little stress-relief at the same time.

3. Can you bring stages in the buying process forward?

One of the other things ticket buyers want from their buying process or ticket queues is to feel that they're not wasting their time—they want to feel like they've already started. In that case, are there details you can take in advance, moving parts of the process from the final sections to while they're waiting?

Creating an account, adding their address and banking details will help users feel like they've already started the buying process when really, they're still sat in the virtual waiting room. Consider how different that feels to them and how it can change the emotions of their buying experience, as well as increasing efficiency

It's not just about managing traffic and sales; it's about managing the experience for your buyers

Online ticket sales are big business. Using a trusted integrated system for your ticket queues and carrying out all the best practice tips and tricks will make life far better for both vendor and customer. Keeping customers busy during the customer journey solution, keeping them informed, helping them feel safe, and that the whole self service process is fair needs communicating throughout their journey.

Take care of those things, and the sales will take care of themselves. Now all we need is for the gates to the arenas and stadiums to open again.

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