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The Original Source of Online Fairness


Keep your website open, regardless of demand.

Your biggest sales are your highest stakes events. You need flawless performance, not a crashed site.

Queue-Fair allows you to safely manage surplus traffic that would otherwise slow down or even crash your website, without spending on additional servers that you don't need the rest of the time.

Placing visitors in our patented first-come first-served Virtual Waiting Room ensures your website performs just when you need it most, ans stops your website crashing.

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Convert more Visitors to Buyers

Queue-Fair helps you reach the buyers that would be lost to website crashes or slow responses when things get busy without our system in place. Remember, the average visitor will leave your crashed site if they don't see a response in just three seconds (source: Google) so just because your website is not completely down or you're not receiving error messages, this doesn't mean you aren't losing sales - indeed it could be happening right now and you might not even know - but we can find out for you; just contact us and ask for a performance audit.

As well as serving customers who would otherwise be lost, customers who arrive through a Queue-Fair Virtual Waiting Room are keener to buy, resulting in a higher conversion rate when the queue is active. They also get to see how popular you are! Having an active queue discreetly tells visitors that what you have to offer is valuable to many other people too.

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Queue-Fair: The truly fair queue.

Visitors can see that they are being treated fairly in a Queue-Fair virtual waiting room. Fairness protects your brand and ensures visitors stay happy on the way to your site, with an estimated wait time and engaging animated display of progress through the queue, instead of the horror of hitting refresh repeatedly to try to get through to a crashed site.

Unlike some of our unlicenced competitors, Queue-Fair really is first-come first-served.

Here's actual data from Queue-it. You can see that people are passing straight to the site, without being queued, even while there are still people in the queue. That's not first-come, first-served.

Data from Queue-it
What's wrong with this picture of data from Queue-it? Quite a lot, actually.

Not Fair!   In this real data from Queue-it, the Inflow (yellow line) is greater than the Desired Outflow (red line) from 01:43 onwards, and there are still people in the queue each and every minute. That means that all visitors arriving after 01:43 should be queued - but they're not! From 01:52 onwards as many as half the visitors are Immediately Passed without seeing a queue page at all (dark green line). That's not fair on the people who are still queueing. That's not first-in, first-out!

Far too few That's not all that's wrong with the Queue-it system, according to their own data. Even though there are more people arriving (Inflow, yellow), than the Desired Outflow (red), the Actual Outflow (light green) is well below the Desired Outflow - as much as 22% below at 01:51, for example. The Desired Outflow line should match the Actual Outflow line exactly. A Virtual Waiting Room that lets through too few people results in lost visitors. Can you afford a 22% drop in sales?

Much too late On the left hand side of the chart we can see a further problem. There's a spike of new visitors that exceeds the Desired Outflow at 01:43, but Queue-it is still Immediately Passing visitors - so the queue hasn't properly turned on and started showing queue pages - right up until 01:45. That's a whole two minutes. A lot can happen in two minutes of high load - like your server can crash!

Far too many That's still not all. The Actual Outflow at 01:44 is a whopping 60% higher than the Desired Outflow. Queue-it not only hasn't turned on, it's let far too many people through. 60% above-spec load can cause your server to crash or stop serving pages quickly or correctly, resulting in a crashed site. The Actual Outflow (light green) should never exceed the Desired Outflow - that's the whole point of having a Virtual Waiting Room in the first place.

So, Queue-it turns on too late, lets too many people through before it turns on, lets too few people through after it turns on, and doesn't even queue half of them.

Here's how this traffic should be handled:

Queue-Fair shows how it should be done.
Queue-Fair works how it's supposed to work because we invented it.

While other providers use unfair systems, with Queue-Fair, The Honest Queue, the clue's in the name. As the inventor of the original fair queue for busy websites, we've done the clever programming that others haven't got right, so our system turns on exactly when it should do, actually does deliver visitors to your site at the rate you specify, in first come, first-served order, until the queue empties and turns off, just as desired, and won't ever let too many people through, thus preventing a crashed site.

Did we mention our pre-sale page works better too? You can leave a Queue-Fair pre-sale page up as long as you like - days, weeks, months - without impacting your sale.

Queue-Fair also offers advanced bot filters to prevent abuse and ensure that it's real people - your customers and fans - that are accessing your site, not bots taking advantage.

Queue-Fair is better value

Queue-Fair is owned by the original inventor, not a venture capitalist or equity fund. We're not under pressure to charge excessively high prices or hire huge numbers of staff to look like a big business.

Rather, our focus is on providing an honest, fair service at a reasonable price, to help as many people as we can with the highest quality Virtual Waiting Room service on the market. We're socially responsible and the companies in our group do pay Corporation Tax.

Our solution is less costly to operate and we pass these savings on to you, which is why we are happy to offer you a 25% discount over any competitor quote.

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Using Queue-Fair protects our planet as well as your website

Queue-Fair only shows queue pages when your traffic gets above the threshold that you specify. That means you don't need to leave servers running idle when things are less busy, so you can save hardware, hosting and energy costs, as well as reduce pollution, by using Queue-Fair, which is why Queue-Fair is green tech.

What's more, Queue-Fair is the greenest queue-based Virtual Waiting Room out there. Other providers store queue positions in a database on their queue servers, which is massively wasteful as database lookups cost Order(Log(N)) computer operations, and energy. N is the number of people in the queue. This means their queue servers perform slower and slower, consuming more and more energy, as the queue expands in size.

Chart showing energy consumption
Queue-it's wasteful O(Log(N)) energy consumption for each request by each user queued is shown in red. Multiply this by the number of people queued and multiply again by the number of requests per minute that their browsers make and then again by the number of minutes queued to get the total energy consumed. That's a lot of energy!

Queue-Fair's efficient system, shown in green, uses the same low amount of energy per request whether it's 10 people in the queue or 10,000,000, as Queue-Fair doesn't need to do costly database lookups. This makes our queue servers substantially faster and more powerful, meaning we can handle more customers per server, with less energy consumed, and enqueue visitors faster when your product goes on sale - so no more hitting "refresh" for your visitors when you switch to Queue-Fair.

Our energy efficient solution minimises greenhouse gas emissions, another reason why Queue-Fair is always the ethical choice. Any organisation that wants to be environmentally friendly should therefore choose Queue-Fair.

Queue-Fair is more secure

Some unlicensed providers advertise their queues as "secure" and "unskippable", but are they? No. While some have adopted the visitor-signing approach that we invented and patented to allow your webserver to check that a visitor really has been through the queue, in notable cases they have omitted to use visitor-specific data in the signature, meaning anyone can skip the queue.


This security vulnerability is easily exploited, without requiring technical skill. Here's how. Visitor A goes through the queue and gets a "secure" validation cookie, and posts the cookie name and value online. Visitor B copies the details and adds them as a new cookie in the browser, which is easy to do (Right Click, Inspect Element, Storage, Cookies, Right Click, Add New). Visitor B can then access any page on your "protected" site, because your webserver thinks Visitor B has been through the queue, even though Visitor B is cheating.

How to bypass Queue-it security
We easily bypassed Queue-it security by copying this cookie from someone who had already been passed by their queue servers. This vulnerability affects the Queue-it Javascript Connector and the Known User Connector that Queue-it advertises as "secure" and "unskippable".

Queue-Fair signs all visitors with code specific to the visitor's browser, which means copied credentials can be automatically detected and unfair access denied.

Toppling wood blocks

Queue-Fair is safer for your website

Using a Virtual Waiting Room means that visitors can use your site with optimum performance even when things are so busy that without Queue-Fair your websit crashes.

The Queue-Fair Virtual Waiting Room also has technical advantages that make it safer than products from other providers.

Other providers use integrating pieces that introduce a dependency on their servers in order for visitors to see pages from your site - even when no queue is being shown.

That means when they have a server crash, your website crashes too.

Queue-Fair's Server Side Adapter has a Safe mode that removes this dependency, as well as eliminating latency and the risk of losing visitors entirely due to slow connections or a crashed site.

Queue-Fair helps you avoid complaints.

A high profile crashed site can easily make the news, as well as create a flurry of negative tweets about your business. Queue-Fair helps you avoid the risk of your website crashing by providing a responsive page when your site is becoming too busy for your servers to handle. Queue-Fair holds the extra people away from your servers which can carry on processing orders with optimum speed and efficiency. Queue-Fair sends them back in first-come, first-served order at a rate your servers can handlei - your website doesn't crash. Queue-Fair turns on automatically as soon as things get busy, so you can cope gracefully even when the spike in visitors is unexpected, for example from an influencer tweet, which would otherwise make your website crash.

Negative Feedback

Not all Virtual Waiting Rooms are equal in this regard. Some providers impose arbitrary time limits on when a visitor can pass through the front of the queue, for example. This results in people missing their turn, and tweets like this:

tweet from disappointed Queue-it user

Queue-Fair's default setting is of course "never miss a turn", so we don't have this problem, and your visitors won't be left "shaking their heads" in disappointment.

Queue-Fair is more ethical and fully lawful

Queue-Fair is provided by the original inventor and patent holder for the fair Virtual Waiting Room queue system for busy websites.

Our patent is granted and fully paid up in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, South Africa and Australia and is pending in India.

If you are using a competing Virtual Waiting Room product and want to find out where in the world your queue server is hosted, you can do that with this tool.

An organisation using a patented product without the patentee's permission faces reputational risk. Patent infringement is considered profoundly unethical behaviour, because people think of it as theft.


Disclaimer: All statements on this page are the opinion of The Fair Queue People Ltd. References to "infringement" on this page refer to the Process (Method) claim(s) of our granted patent(s). No statement on this page or site should be construed as intent or threat to sue any party other than Queue-it, who we are suing in the High Court. Affected by the issues raised on this page? Call our helpline +44 (0)333 5432 108 and ask about our 25% discount; we just want to help.

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