Our Pricing

Queue-Fair is priced by the number of visitors to your site and how often they are queued.

25 Percent Discount We also offer a 25% discount on any comparable surge protection quote you may receive - we won't be beaten on price!

What's included

Our end customer licence entitles you to use our patented process as well as our product offering. A licence from us may therefore cover your use of a virtual waiting room or other online queue from another provider. If you don't intend to use our offering, or need time to transition to Queue-Fair from another provider, we have further reduced rates specifically designed to help you. If you are using a product affected by our intellectual property, we intend to help you, not sue you. It's best to get in touch with us now so we can help you be sure your business is covered from a wide variety of risks.

How we work out pricing

The price we charge for Queue-Fair is determined by the amount of traffic hitting the Queue-Fair platform and how often people are queued. To prepare a quote for you it is helpful for us to know the number of website visitors you get, both normally and in peak, how many queues you wish to implement, and the features you plan to use. Queue-Fair subscriptions typically run on a month-to-month basis, requiring no heavy committment on your part.

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