Online Virtual Queuing for eCommerce - how to get it right

How eCommerce businesses can get online virtual queuing right

Our guide to ensuring online virtual queuing for eCommerce is done right. Protect servers and maximise sales for both expected and unexpected traffic surges.

eCommerce has been one of the star players in the previous year’s pandemic. With so many urged to stay at home, whether that be to work, rest, or play, we turned from many of our traditional retail options to easier, contact-free alternatives.

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Why is it important to keep buyers in a queue, how do you do it, and what are the tricks the savviest retailers have learnt?

It's all about emotions. Don't panic; we're not going to turn into over-woke, Zen-driven gurus, urging you to talk about your feelings, that inner peace=online pounds—or dollars, Euros, and the rest. Yet, how we feel during our online experiences is crucial to where we spend our money.

Keeping your customers happy with good queue management at every stage of their journey throughout your website and with your brand is vital. As soon as they get bored, frustrated, feel forgotten or left out, they'll go somewhere else that will fulfil all those needs—practical and emotional.

Creating a queue online shopping users feel safe in

How you prevent customers from jumping ship is to do with how well you manage your virtual queues and waiting times. If you can find a way for them to enjoy their queuing experience, or distract them enough not to feel like they're even in a queue, then it's a pat on the back for your team and a steady stream of cash to your tills.

We're going to run through a few ideas of those who got it right during the pandemic and before, so when trouble traffic reared its head, they were ready and waiting to make sure they limited their sales losses.

online queue protects better than customers in store or physical queue
addressing online sales needs is good for brand reputation

The psychology of waiting in an online queue

A bad experience won't just lose you a customer during your peak times but also all of the repeat custom and loyalty they'd show your brand if you made them feel valued and respected during the process.

It isn't guesswork. It's psychology.

For strong mental health, every human has basic needs that need to be met.

For strong eCommerce health, every shopper has basic needs that also need to be met.

To retain your visitors and customers, they need to feel:

How do you flow feelings of security and satisfaction into a virtual queue?

First, ask yourselves how it happens in a physical environment? Well, for starters, shops have staff on hand to look after customers and answer questions.

Second, point of sale elements, posters, and marketing are all cleverly positioned to drive the customer flow to the most advantageous areas and entice them into buying—without being anywhere near the up-salable products or their initially desired items.

Finally, offers, free samples, and interactive engagement distract customers from the less attractive parts of their shopping experience. They all help to drive sales in alternative areas while providing a range of new emotions, from excitement and joy to anticipation of what their new items will add to their lives.

virtual queue satisfaction for better customer experience

Using the same principles is vital in keeping your customers happy and contained in your virtual queue.

brick and mortar stores implement virtual queueing get more customers

1. Meet and greet them as they enter your online queue

We speak about this in detail in some of our other posts and throughout our website. Why? Because it really matters.

Suppose your website visitor is placed into a queue without any explanation of why or what's happening next. They'll jump right out of it and straight into your competitors' hands. In the same way a queue in the high street with no explanation would send shoppers to an alternative store—so will your online queue experience.

Your queue needs a branded and entertaining explanation of why they're there, and most importantly, an introduction into how to monitor their position and how long their waiting time is going to be.

2. Explain why – give them the transparency they'll respect

If you're open and fair with your visitors, they'll feel respected and safe in the hands of your brand. If they know why they're in a queue and that they'll only be there a few more minutes, they'll probably flick through Facebook or put the kettle on in the meantime. If their estimated wait time is a few minutes, they’ll sit tight and wait their turn. If it’s more than a few minutes, they’ll find another way to fill their time—or you can do that for them with alternative choices, how to win prizes or earn referral vouchers.

Your respect for them will most likely be returned, and with it, the sales you just saved.

virtual queueing conversion rate can be improved in many ways
virtual queue special offer improves customer experience makes wait time-easier

3. Managing traffic surges - occupy their time with things they'll embrace

A bored visitor is an anxious visitor. Anxiety will drive them to look for easier options and solutions. To plug their anxieties, distract them with things they like. It's that simple.

You understand your product better than anyone and should have a clear picture of what your typical customer looks like. Imagine you're in their shoes; what would it take to take your mind of the queue? Special offers? New lines? Industry news? How they'll use the discount code you're giving them as a thank you for their patience?

This is a great opportunity to place your customers on a brand new hook while they're in a virtual queue, as well as the one that drew them to your site in the first place.

Tips and tricks for online retailers when virtual queuing

Sell the sizzle and not the sausage! It's hardly a marketing breakthrough, but it's true, and it works. Appeal to their sense of lifestyle, broaden their horizons and show them—literally show them—how their life will be better.

1. Customers buy with their eyes

Physical shoppers have so much stimulus fighting for their attention: whether that's rails of clothes, cabinets full of tech, or testimonials delivered by an abundance of happy customers on video screens.

So why not provide beautiful imagery in your virtual queues to expand their searches and experience with your brand and its products? Can you use interactive tech to immerse them even further and divert their brains from queue anxiety?

Alternatively, deliver videos of your items in use, with beaming users delighted with what their purchase has added to their lives—not just telling but showing how great it is to be part of your business's fan base.

2. Customer service is king

Just as your meet and greet at a shop entrance helps customers to feel cared for and valued, so will the meet and greet in your virtual queue. Deliver a means to answer visitor questions (an FAQ can provide almost everything they need to know and keep online chat to a minimum yet still provide a great customer experience) and assure them that they're in the best possible hands while waiting in line in your virtual queues.

And that discount voucher code? Money off just for turning up and being a little patient? Reward your customers waiting - Who could ask for better customer service than that?

Going the extra mile, can you offer exclusive services to your virtual queueing customers? Consultations, sales support, advice, digital tours, and product suggestions? Keep them busy enough, and they won't be able to leave.

3. Collaborate to share the wealth and the traffic

One of the latest, increasingly popular methods of beating virtual queueing anxiety is to collaborate with other brands. This way, you can move your shoppers into a complimentary area, one from which they'll return to your ecommerce site as they reach the front of your queue.

By collaborating with other brands, each party stands to gain new customers, piggybacking each other's followers and fans, all while boosting their revenues. It's an area that's become incredibly popular with younger buyers in luxury markets.

Imagination and inspiration are your best tools for new ideas

These are just a few queue management ideas for many retailers for engaging and securing more customers and boost your conversion rate during a virtual queueing experience on your ecommerce site or mobile app when you have people waiting in line. Our experience is that customers who spend time waiting in line put more items in their basket too.

Hopefully, they'll help to deliver precisely what you need to safeguard your sales, income, and your customers. However, be sure never to rest on your laurels—until you've got 100% conversion rates, there's always something more to squeeze from your sales projects—and if you find your foolproof methods, we'd love to hear all about them.

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