Virtual Waiting Rooms and Queuing Systems

Virtual Waiting Rooms and Virtual Queue Management Systems Compared

In our industry, there are several phrases bandied about that are often mistaken for each other, including online queue, virtual queue and virtual waiting room. They appear to be interchangeable without a hard and fast ruling for any of the terms or their combinations.

Virtual waiting rooms can appear both online and in real-life situations. The same goes for virtual or online queue management systems.

I’m sure, even at this early point in the discussion, you can see the problem. If you type a search for the best queue management system, you’ll be abundant with various waiting room software services delivering quite different waiting room traffic products and end-results. In this article, we’re going to try and lay some of that confusion to rest, so customers queuing for an end product or those looking to implement either sort of virtual waiting room software can find the virtual waiting room information they need, faster and more efficiently.

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Advantages of virtual waiting room technology and queuing systems for online services and products

In this instance, the waiting room is held and managed on a server, delivering customers into websites where demand and traffic are high enough to create problems. With a fully configurable virtual waiting room solution, you have complete control over the level of traffic that reaches your site. Not only will website crashing be eliminated by the waiting room, but the customer experience will be enhanced, not only by providing peace of mind to users with news of their current position but with an opportunity to provide added quality to their visit. Special offers, alternative suggestions that inform and support, referral systems and vouchers can all be added to the information delivered to users during their wait.

These systems monitor for spikes in traffic, determining demand, and controlling the influx of visitors to safe levels, keeping systems online on most business critical days, so they don't get overwhelmed. It’s imperative to protect each website from being overwhelmed, surpassing capacity threshold, preventing those and further users from achieving the access they expect. Not only will an inaccessible website harm the business’s brand reputation via poor customer experience, it will also cause significant damage to conversion rates.

virtual waiting room solution means traffic inflow is controlled by appointment type for virtual waiting room

A virtual waiting room prioritises visitors or customers fairly and systematically - that's how virtual waiting room work best - providing information tools in each ‘virtual waiting room’ of how many people are in each queue (virtual waiting room) and estimated waiting times are a core part of virtual waiting room technology, so people can see the process is fair when they compare with other customers - fairness does matter.

The advantages of virtual waiting rooms and queuing systems in physical locations

Apart from the contact issue of today’s social distancing practices, digital check-in tools and virtual waiting room software is used to manage the number of people in waiting rooms, assist with time management, and create, again, an enhanced experience for guests, customers, and patients.

virtual waiting solution vs virtual queue solution

So, which is which? Have we established an answer?

We’d love to deliver a definitive resolution to the terminology issue in our market, but sadly, it isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

We looked at how these phrases were used on product websites, review sites, and by information providers. As much as particular terms may lean more to one application than another, there’s still a level of ambiguity amongst the solutions that sit under those umbrella terms.

Searching out the ‘Free Virtual Waiting Room Solution’ unicorn

If you think you’ve got the answers to the debate, we’d love to hear from you — to end the confusion once and for all! Until then, anyone looking into a ‘free virtual queue management system’ on Google will continue to find a wide range of software, services, systems, and solutions that might or might not be precisely what they’re looking for…

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