Virtual Waiting Rooms for eCommerce

Virtual Waiting Rooms for eCommerce - avoid ecommerce website crash

Benefits of Virtual Waiting Rooms for eCommerce, what happens without traffic surge protection and how to find the best solution for your website or app.

More traffic = More sales

More sales = More profit

Simple huh?

But what else does more traffic mean?

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The problem with peak time online traffic

There shouldn’t be a problem with peak traffic. We should aim to make the most of those periods to drive more potential customers to our e commerce sites, ticket onsales and eCommerce stores. Sadly, as discussed, too much of a good thing can cause serious problems.

There is only so much online traffic any one website host system can comfortably contend with before the website crashes. Overloading to the point of a system fail, crashing out pages, and the ensuing downtime is something to avoid at all costs.

So, how do we do that?

Solution 1 – Server scaling

The first thing most of us would think about is increasing the capacity of our website.

That’s great, but if your peak web traffic times happen once a month, during holiday shopping season (and even major retailers struggle with holiday season or a black friday sale), for a product launch or special event booking, then all of that extra digital commerce capacity or upgraded hosting plan is sat doing nothing for the majority of the time.

Yet, throughout the additional time that you continue to pay for those upgrades - more resources aren't particularly cheap at a quality hosting provider. Sadly, it’s still not a complete solution. Even with the best intentions and calculations, you could still suffer a surge of many users so large it sinks your new system and your website crashes anyway.

Do you want to overpay for something that you use so infrequently? We didn’t think so—that’s why we built a better and far more financially viable option.

Solution 2 – Implementing a virtual waiting room

We spent a lot of time learning about how customers react to waiting, to queuing online and in real life, and the psychology for both turns out to be very similar if you want to avoid giving the wrong impression.

We’ll all wait in line, almost happily, as long as we feel the end justifies the means. For those products that are worth waiting for—then, we’ll wait.

The system fails when we’re left feeling forgotten or that somehow we’ve been lost in the system; that we're going to be hanging on forever, without the results we expect.

Here’s what our online queuing and virtual waiting rooms offer your customers to keep them feeling important and cared for throughout the process.

avoid ecommerce website crash

Communication is key

Keeping your customers informed with constant updates provides the security they need. They’ll see their exact position in the queue, how the line is progressing, and when they’ll reach the top and get to the good stuff. This is almost as important as preventing website crashes in the first place.

By configuring every step in advance, you know how your system will deal with surges and sudden peaks in website traffic. You can be confident that you are taking the best care of your customers in ways to build brand reputation, not destroy it.

Load tested for optimum operation

Testing your site and its systems will help you determine the limits of your operation. It will also show the points in the sales journey where your virtual queues need integrating. Managing this during a simulation is far better than waiting for the worst-case scenario to kill your servers in real-life. Understanding your site or app’s capacity will determine the optimum configurations for your queues—well within the limits of your system and integration with payment gateways.

Giving your customers more of what they need

So, your customers are happily waiting in line because they can see their progress, and they know their turn is approaching at an appropriate rate. What can you do to improve their user experience and feel further invested in your brand?

Your virtual waiting room gives you an opportunity to cross-sell, up-sell, reward them for their patience, and introduce them to products they might have missed or not considered, all while maximizing website speed. You can entice them to join mailing lists, sign up for discount codes, or become VIP customers.

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Now you’re equipped to deal with all the website traffic surges the web can throw at you, nothing is stopping you from driving as much new custom your way as you can. And while your web and app guests are pre-occupied with all the added benefits of choosing your business, they’re not thinking about being stuck in a queue.

The benefits of implementing a virtual waiting room and online queue

  1. Zero downtime and maximum site speed performance for your website.
  2. It provides a fair and transparent system your customers will respect and appreciate.
  3. You can deliver rewards or ‘thank yous’ to those waiting in line. Coupons, codes, and special offers can show your customers how valuable they are to you.
  4. A virtual queue can be installed for specific pages, keeping other areas of your site accessible for other visitors, or over the whole site—depending on the needs of your operation.
  5. They’re a quick, easy to integrate, and incredibly affordable solution to an array of eCommerce issues.
  6. You gather real-time customer data, delivering a history of your site and system performance you can use to understand your marketing avenues, promotions, and events, and also your conversion tactics, without becoming a victim of your own success.
  7. It allows access to real-time communication with your visitors.
  8. Multiple queues allow the segregation of your customers, applying different rules for different groups of visitors.
  9. Provision of additional security measures against bots, queue jumpers, and hackers.
  10. Fully customizable to seamlessly integrate with your business brand.
  11. You have the option to deliver live updates about product availability, alternatives, and additional items relative to each purchase.
  12. Pre-queuing allows you to protect your site in advance of peak traffic events, delivering each early-bird a random place in the queue when the event officially starts.
  13. A sophisticated yet simple to administer solution that integrates with current technologies and eCommerce systems whilst protecting your brand reputation.
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This is merely a small selection of benefits for your website's performance during holiday season or other peak times. With a vast list of advantages saving you time, money, and, most of all, customers, our online queuing systems are perfect solutions to avoid ecommerce website crash on your site or mobile app.

Let’s face it, there’s one adage that has served us well for hundreds of years, and in this scenario, it’s just as relevant—prevention is so much better than a cure.

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